Wildlife & Wildflower Gardening

A wildlife garden is an environment created to serve as a sustainable habitat, to cater for a variety of native flora and fauna.

Britain’s countryside used to be a very different picture, with colourful flower rich meadows that were an intrinsic part of agriculture.

Fast forward to today and over 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost since 1930, approximately 7.5 million acres.
6 million acres of grassland were ploughed to grow cereals during the Second World War, starting the inevitable decline.

A meadow remains as a crucial habitat, with over 150 different species of flower and grass that support copious amounts of wildlife and pollinators. Hence forth, It has been enormously satisfying to work on this beautiful arts and crafts inspired wildlife garden, with a huge emphasis on sustaining organic and wildlife friendly practices.

With a vast array of native wildflower on display, this meadow supports an abundance of bee’s, hoverflies, butterfly and moth using the grounds as a breeding and feeding ground. With regular sightings of grass-snakes, sand lizards, muntjac deer and a descent of woodpeckers to name a few.

Some of my work…

All gardeners will benefit from the enjoyment of horticulture. A wildlife garden can provide a new depth of satisfaction from the colour, life, movement and interest our wildlife brings, and from the knowledge that we can benefit our ecosystem.

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