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Specialist Pruning

Wisterias are a thing of absolute beauty when maintained correctly. With adequate summer and winter pruning, this show stealer can give you up to 2 months worth of stunning blossom and divine scents.

Japanese acer are renowned for their varied changing colourful foliage, with some varieties having particularly dramatic seasonal transformations.

If planted in full sun these trees become fully foliated, rather than open and ‘airy’. You can restore and enhance their natural form with correct pruning, bringing the most out of them for summer and winter viewing. The right cuts reveal a branch pattern that looks good with leaves, or without.

Cloud Pruning

Cloud pruning, also known as ‘Niwaki’ in Japan (the Japanese word for garden tree) is something that i have recently taken an interest in when rejuvenating some small conifers.

It is a Japanese method of training shrubs and trees into shapes resembling clouds, said to depict the distilled essence of the tree itself.

It can be used in gardens of all styles, to harmonise with their surroundings.

Here I include some recent work getting the first stages of cloud pruning into shape to become ‘cloud trees’. The process can take up to 5 years to look it’s best, but everyday until then gets better.

Some of my work…

With correct pruning techniques, a plants growth habit can be manipulated in relation to its own features, achieving different outcomes according to its environment.

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